Party Resources

For the tracking of magic items and other useful things accumulated by the party.


  • Potion of diminuation
  • Potion of extra-healing
  • Potion of Climbing
  • Two unidentified potions from the ape temple
  • Potion of Necropotence


  • One unidentified scroll with pentagrams from the ape temple


Wands, Staves, Rods

Misc Magic


  • Macahuitl of Tlapotecatl (at least +1, +2 vs humans and possibly other things? In Scarth’s possession)
  • Pirate captain’s magic cutlass, glows 30’ radius
  • Pirates’ magic broadsword (+1, +3 vs dragons)

Armor and Shields

  • Shield of Skirmishing +1 from the ape temple.

Misc Weapons


Treasure Maps

  • A treasure map provided by Sam Seaworthy
  • Another treasure map provided by Sam Seaworthy [“Such a shame… so much treasure, so few men willing to die for it” :( ]
  • A treasure map captured in the ape temple

Small troop transport with ballista mounted, shark figurehead

Party Resources

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