• Per tavern gossip at the Pig and Panther, excavation of an expansion of the sewer system has uncovered an imposing stone door covered in snake-script. The laborers refuse to return until they know it’s safe (most of them were none-too-enthused about working on a sewer project anyway). (Status: armed and dangerous, partly cleared)
  • Per the history post, the Primus Pilus has offered a bounty on pirates. (Status: not prepared, but pretty easy; one down, but plenty more in the sea)
  • Letter written in Elvish, captured from pirate camp
  • Cursed macahuitl that needs sold to the snakemen


  • Also per the history post, there are some in Voltager who have little love for the Primus… (Status: not prepared, fuzzy, difficult)
  • Per tavern gossip at the Red Skies, shipments of guano out of Fecundity have recently been reduced due to restless natives of the cave system; Voltari planters and Fecundian miners might be interested in getting this situation remedied. (Status: preliminary notes, ideas. Large dungeon, significant prep time required)
  • An overheard discussion among mercenaries at the Pig and Panther suggests that anyone who could take possession of the abandoned lizardman fortress overlooking Haven might be able close that town’s harbor via catapult fire. The locals refuse to occupy it because they think it’s haunted, though. (Status: prepped, hauntin’, and reading to kill some PCs. Bring a cleric or three)
  • It is said in the bazaar that the crocodilemen have a taste for horseflesh, and will pay a premium for delicious mounts delivered to their trading port at Stillwater. (Status: trade modifiers generated, random encounter tables ready, just need to put some detail on the destination and surrounding area. Actual significant profit margin possibly lacking)
  • Sam Seaworthy’s First Treasure Map – written in an ancient and inscrutable tongue that Belzen recognizes from his dreams, and is decorated with ocular motifs. The language is obtuse, symbolic, and nigh-untranslatable (“the People of the Eye”, “He-Who-Watches”, “Wisdom’s Price”), but it provokes in Belzen visions of a black fortress built into the side of a mountain, as well as a sense of direction towards this place. He estimates that it lies north and east of Fecundity / the Guano Caves. (Not yet prepped)
  • Sam Seaworthy’s Second Treasure Map – written in serpentman, actually a comedic ballad (from the snakeman perspective) entitled “The Dozen-and-One Dwarves”. It describes the misfortunes of a band of dwarven adventurers intent on recovering their long-lost clan heirlooms from a lizardman vault on the Continent, starting with their wreck ashore, continuing through their battles with the mushroom-men and walking dead, and culminating in the eventual enslavement of the final surviving expedition member by the lizardmen. You should be able to retrace their path if you can find the wreck of their ship. (Not yet prepped)
  • A treasure map captured in the ape temple, written in the same cuneiform script that you observed in the weretiger ruins beneath Salvation. It is a religious tract describing the deeds of Yorig-Chuk the Wrestler, a priest of Ook-Nak the Four-Armed Ape, and directing pilgrims to his monastery. Many implausible claims are made about Yorig-Chuk’s strength and skill at arms, including “wrassled a giant alligator”, “wrassled a juvenile tyrannosaur”, and “wrassled a mid-sized dragon”. If the directions are to be believed, it lies north and east of the ape temple where you slew the dragon. (Not yet prepped)
  • Noted the location of two highwaymen/sea serpents who probably have a shit-ton of gold and accept poisoned food as payment.


  • A certain pirate captain is reported to have escaped imprisonment in the dungeons of the Auran garrison at Salvation. He may come looking for his ship… (Not prepped. OR IS IT?)


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