Mattiarius "Matt" Potens

Massive ex-legionnaire working for Belzen


Mattiarius Potens

Str 18 +3
Int 9 +0
Wis 12 +0
Dex 14 +1
Con 8 -1
Cha 6 -1

Fighter Lvl. 4
XP: 10,625
Prime Req +10%
AC 8 (+1 dex +6 armor, +1 shield)
Init rolls: +2 (1 Dex, 1 CR)
Surprise rolls: +2 (1 Alert, 1 CR)
To-hit 8+ (5+ Melee, 7+ Ranged)
Attack: Spear 5+ Melee 1d6+5 (3str+2fighter)
HP 19
Age 32
Languages: Common

Military Strategy (G1)
Combat Reflexes (C1)
Alertness (C3)

Saves and Skills:
Petrif and Para 13+
Poison and Death 12+
Blast and Breath 14+
Staves and Wands 14+
Spells 15+
Hear Noises 14+ (Alertness)

Plate Mail (heavy lorica segmentata)
Shield (scutum)
Spear (hasta)
Sword (spatha)
Standard Kit
Encumbrance: 9 stone (speed: 20)


All those years in the Legion are finally catching up to Mattiarius – Matt, if you please – but he was born to fight, so fight he will. He’s massive, muscular, and quick for his size. Corded scars obscure the right side of his face, testament to the numerous old wounds plaguing him. He’s cold and terse in conversation, preferring quiet or work. Matt isn’t the brightest, but he’s clever – and incredibly vigilant.

With no skills but soldiering, when the damn lizards went home Matt was out of work. He traveled working as a town guard or mercenary until he met Belzen the Mystic. Matt noticed something off about this guy, but also his apparent power, and good pay plus travel across the ocean – after the lizards – was incentive enough.

Mattiarius "Matt" Potens

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