Belzen the Mystic

He's not quite sure where he came from, or where he's going, but he has a funny feeling about it, whatever it is.


Str 13 +1
Int 18 +3
Wis 9 +0
Dex 8 -1
Con 9 +0
Cha 9 +0

Mage Lvl. 5
XP: 25,249
Prime Req +10%
AC -1
Init rolls: -1
To-hit 9+ (8+ Melee, 10+ Ranged)
Attack: Staff 8+ Melee, 1d6+1 damage
HP 15
Age unknown (likely late twenties)
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, and he feels like he knows a fourth but isn’t sure what it is

Navigation (G1)
Bargaining (Int)
Diplomacy (Int)
Mimicry (Int)
Soothsaying (C1)
Endurance (G5)

Saves and Skills:
Petrif and Para 12+
Poison and Death 12+
Blast and Breath 14+
Staves and Wands 10+
Spells 11+

Worn robes with hood, pants, boots
Weathered Staff
Scroll of Passwall
Scroll of Haste
Standard Kit

Encumbrance: 3 stone (speed: 40)

Spells per day: 2@1st L, 2@2nd L, 1@3rd L

1st L:
Charm Person
Floating Disk
Hold Portal
Magic Missile
2nd L:
Continual Light
Locate Object
Mirror Image
3rd L:
Lightning Bolt
Protection from Evil, Sustained


Belzen is brilliant and brawny, relatively young but with a thick beard and weathered features. Those who meet him say he comes off with a touch of something between greatness and madness. He’s charming in an odd way, with a piercing gaze and a penchant for accents, but something in those eyes hints that he’s not all there.

Visions began to haunt Belzen’s dreams in adolescence, but the floating faces and bouncing voices and the symbols in between the night sky’s stars taught him their secrets. He’s not sure why him. For years he has fought to harness the whispering voices and flitting shadows and although time to time he briefly loses his mind to them, he has learned to be in control.

He wanders in search of something – what it is, he’s not quite sure. The nagging chatter from beyond lead him to this cruel continent, and here he will wander until he finds it or loses his life – or perhaps his mind.

Belzen the Mystic

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